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Immediately after purchase of the property I offer my tenants for their rehabilitation within the same land with better facility and forgotten of the arrear of rent, but every time negotiations were failed because I was not ready to fulfill personal demand of Local CPI(M) Leader Kamlesh Chandra Chatterjee, the fast friend of Shri Jyoti Basu and Shri Som Nath Chatterjee. However, ultimately by agreement dated 10.10.1983 I revised my earlier offer with the offer of ownership Rights. Master Copy of Compromise Petitions for filing in respective Suits was corrected by Mr. Pranab Chatterjee, Solicitors, under instructions from Shri Som Nath Chatterjee. However, in the month of  April 1984 from one phumplate published and distributed by the tenants, this was appears that Shri Som Nath Chatterjje under political reasons or otherwise made false statement by writing a Letter that “I have never myself recommended any settlement or finalise any draft for settlement of the case”. He was not aware that Original copy of the Draft of Compromise Petition corrected by Mr. Pranab Chatterjee was with me. When I sent photocopy of the said corrected copy of the draft, under his instruction each photocopy of aforesaid Letter written by Shri Som Nath Chatterjee were withdrawn from the locality. He taken back his aforesaid Letter too. Here I am referring the aforesaid agreement dated 10.10.1983, phumplate and corrected photocopy of the draft of Compromise Petition.

Order of 4/6/83 was missing in subsequent
Certified Copy of Order Sheet

In the 1st Page of the Certified copy of Order Sheet Order dated 4th June 1983 is Number 10. While said Order was removed by Mr. Jayanta Kumar Dasgupta, the then Munsif, Alipore, Order No. 10 became dated 11the June 1983. 

Arranged News published in ABP 27.11.1983
After enquiry ABP published detail News 4/1/1984

When I understood that Mr. Aloke Nath Ghosh, Advocate was a party to extra Judicial passed by the Mr. Jayanta Kumar Dasgupta, I taken strong steps, against orders removed or changed by him in different Suits, he decided to got arrested me. I was lifted by force and then got arrested on the false claim that I was caught red handed when I was turning out some court records. After release on bail I seen Two different contradictory News from the same Group of Newspapers. One was published under arrangement by Jayanta Kumar Dasgupta, while another was published in the Telegraph since his reporter was present, when I was lifted by force, as such he collected true story from my Advocates. I lodge a complaint with the Owner of the Group of Nmewspapers to decide which one Reporter worked fairly. After detail enquiry Ananda Bazar Patrika published fresh News on 4/1/1984. Finally, I was discharged from the case, and Mr. Jayanta Kumar Dasgupta was dismissed from the Judicial service first of its kind dismissal order in the Judicial History of India. Photocopy of the related News are referred.


I filed a Writ Petition and moved on 10.04.1984 before Hon’ble High Court for Police Help in accordance with Order of Executive Magistrate, and Hon’ble High Court passed order in accordance with the prayer in my Petition. Since the defeat of Hindalco  and Indal in their respective matters Mr. Dipankar Gupta, Sr. Advocate treating me as his personal enemy, without having any affidavit filed by his clients by misusing his reputation appeared in the matter based on verbal petition, and in my back he pleaded sentimental but completely false pleadings that I was intended to remove his poor driver, without due process of law, to damage my interests and reputation who was my Tenant under ejectment Suit. Resultantly, in consideration of his reputation, Hon’ble Mr. Justice B. C. Baisak passed extra JudiciaI Order by staying his earlier Order. Such development was informed by Memo Letter No. 3614E dated 21st April 1984 from Superintendent of Police.    

Admission by Gopal Das About
Manufacturing of Bombs to kill me

On 2nd March 1984 my Tenants along with one anti-social Gopal Das were engaged in manufacturing of the Bombs to kill me, at that time blast were taken place on the materials stored for manufacturing of the Bombs, when one tenant was smoking Cigarette injuring two people including one antisocial Gopal Das. A false complaint was lodged against me, by One Lady by birth Oriya claiming Gopal Das by Birth a Bengali as her own brother, under instigation from Kamlesh Chandra Chattopadhyay, the political friend of Shri Jyoti Basu and Shri Som Nath Chatterjee. On 05/03/1984 anticipatory bail application was moved on my behalf with reference to said Bomb Blast case, at that point of time District Judge disclosed in open Court that he had been telephoned by Advocate General Shri Snehagshu Acharya not to grant anticipatory Bail. After knew about Telephone from Advocate General to District Judge, on 07/03/1984 I sent my protest Letter to Kamlesh with copies to District Judge, Alipore, Advocate-General, and others. After receipt of copy of my said Letter Shri Acharya directed Intelligence Branch, West Bengal Police to enquire the whole matter, which was done, and find nothing against me. However, subsequently said anti-social Gopal Das affirmed an Affidavit, which was rejected by the Executive Magistrate in consideration of its serious nature. Therefater said Gopal Das was arrested by the Police and forwarded for confessional statement. During his confessional statement he repeated entire story relates to manufacturing of the Bomb blast case and names of my tenants involved in the matter. Besides he further admitted that he and few of my tenants stolen Generate Set and Type Writer from my Office. Lal Bazar Police recovered the Generator Set from Purchaser. But thereafter Police taken no steps under political influence.