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List of Dates relates to selected matters


Some of the Renowned Advocates also committed serious professional misconduct, which no way should be considered less than any criminal offence, are also referred here in gist, but in Book referred in detail. In considerations of such experiences I can say that the provisions of existing Advocates Act is completely incompetent to protect the interests of litigants from the criminal misconduct of the Advocates rather helpful to protect criminal misconducts of the Advocates, who are working against the principles of this Nobel Profession. Therefore, need of the time is that Law should be changed under which complaints against Advocates should be adjudicated before in the same Court or under same Jurisdiction, where such cause has been committed more or less in the similar manner as matters are adjudicated under Section 340 of Criminal Procedure Code. 


I am a social-minded person since childhood. I can prove this from my various correspondences, activities and Newspapers.


In the Book following matters with detail material facts and News Cuttings would be referred.

1)                   Matter relates to my fighting monopolistic trade practices adopted by the Aluminium Producers, which was exposed with the help of Special Correspondence of the Economic Times, Financial Express and others;

2)                   Exposures manipulations caused by one of the Monopoly Aluminium producer based on my study highlighted by Economic Times, which compelled transfer of Late Shri Samarjeet Ghosh to Pune under influence from Producer;

3)                   Court matter relates to Aluminium price under Control Order, which finally Aluminium producer lost at the level Hon’ble Supreme Court. In this matter at Kolkata High Court Ld. Mr. Sidhartha Shankar Ray, Bar-at-law, Mr. Dipankar Gupta, Bar-at-law, Mr. Bhasker Gupta, Bar-at-law were stand against me and present Attorney General Mr. Milon Banerjee stand on behalf of MMTC. In this matter Solicitor Firm of M/S. Khaitan & Co., was on behalf of the Birlas.

4)                   Matter relates to Merger program of Indian Aluminium Co., with Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, which also runs up to Supreme Court, and finally declared against national interests. In this matter Mr. Dipankar Gupta, Bar-at-law was on behalf of Monopoly INDAL. Since the said matter he always treated me as his personal enemy and tried his best level to damage my interests and reputation, by misusing his fame;

5)                   Forgery committed by State Bank of India to file a Suit under false claim that Suit is filed within law of Limitation.

6)                   Few others.


I have suffered peculiar experiences from the working of so-called veteran CPI(M) Leader Shri Jyoti Basu. I can say with affirmation that he is amongst most corrupt politicians of the country. He is also responsible for abetment and encouragement of criminal activities of referred mafia: Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala by helping him through misuse of powers, abuse of his authority not for any social or communism objects but for huge monetary gains and benefits. Shri Chandan Basu, taken all illegal advantages of his father being Powerful Chief Minister, just not for himself but also for his front men, another mafia Manik Chand Sethia. In such criminal misdeeds, CPI(M) Party and its leaders including Shri Som Nath Chatterjee, M. P., Shri Hashim Abdul halim, Speaker of West Bengal Legislative Assembly and more particularly Shri Har Kishan Singh Surjeet are equally responsible for the growth and development of Mafiadom, by maintaining complete silence, rather some time acted for support to such illegal and criminal activities. Misuse of the Government Machinery is “open secret” in India for the politicians. But, organised embracement of Judicial Officers to ensure undue orders to ensure immunity of illegal and criminal activities is not open secret, which I experienced in large scale, in some matters with gratification through Allotment of Plots in Salt Lake City from Chief Ministers Quota. Illegal favours for Mafiadom by illegal sanction of Building plans, under Nexus with Shri Jyoti Basu in severe violation of Building Rules was not a secret matter now, while at the same time for the same Mafiadom state sponsored open blackmailing through various means and methods is a very serious matter and grave concerns as it destroyed the entire established administrative system.


On the basis of my experiences, I am including documentary evidences relates to my own experiences. The purpose of the Book just not to high light my sufferings, but inform the people that our entire system is not working in accordance with Rule of Law, due to deficiencies in our Constitution, which was adopted from the British Law enacted in India starting from 1861 with all subsequent amendments including last called as the Government of India Act, 1935. Remember British Government enacted all these laws with clear object to divide Indians to Rule India. We forget sincerity having British Administrative Officials with regards to Official Duty allegiance to British interests. But we adopted all weakness developed from the aforesaid system. Complete Book would be written in estimated more than 400 Pages. As per my discussions with the publishers price of the Book will be about Rs.700.00 in India and abroad equal to $50 US Dollars. Since my object is not to earn money from the Book, but at least to realize cost of the Book including delivery Charges, as such Book will be published by Two Publishers. One publisher will supply Book only against print Orders, against advance payment of Rs.70.00 in India and abroad equal to $25 US Dollars, including delivery Charges. Another Publisher would fix his own price for the Book published by him.


NOT: However, in the Website posting of all matters and documents are not possible. Therefore the dates with gist of the facts and some of the selective evidences are posted in the Website. In constrains of space in the Website, I have reduced the size of the documents, and placed several documents in one page. By using “Adobe Photoshop” software, you can separate and enlarge each page, according to your requirement and make it clearly visible.




Basically matter referred here is relates to a property comprised in C. S. Plot No. 307 and 308 under C. S. Khatian No. 530 and C. S. Plot Nos. 309, 310, 311 and 311/995 under C. S. Khatian No. 534 corresponding to R.S. Plot No. 194 and 195 under R. S. Khatian No. 530 and R. S. Plot Nos. 205, 206, 207 and 219 under R. S. Khatian No. 534 all within Mouza Sahapur, Police Station Behala, Revenue District South 24 Parganas, within ward No. 119 of Kokata Municipal Corporation. R. S. denotes to Revenue Survey, conducted by the Government of West Bengal in 1956, under a West Bengal Act. But I am unable to explain just now about C. S. However British Government in India conducted C. S. Survey, under its authority, in the year of 1932. Total area of aforesaid properties was more or less 1.10 Acre equivalent to 66 Cottahs of Land during both the surveys. One Cotah = 720 Sft. From the Deeds executed in favour of my Vendors total area of measurement of the property is also just 66 Cottahs of the Land, in the aforesaid Two Khatians. However, validity of one Deed Executed in respect of C. S. as well R. S. Kahtian No. 534 was declared by a Court of Law as void, in consideration of the fact that Executor of said Deed Balaram Paul himself was not a Title Holder, and such alleged deed(s) were mere peace of papers.



If, anywhere you find short references the same should be treated and relates to as detail referred in front of each name. All Letters referred here, which specifically not described otherwise, were posted by Registered Post with Acknowledgement due.

WB= West Bengal.

Shri Jyoti Basu= the then Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Shri Budhha Dev Bhattacharyya= the then Minister of West Bengal for Urban Development.

Shri Bhakti Bhusan Mondal= the then Minister of West Bengal for Cooperation Department.

Cooperation Department = West Bengal Cooperation Department run under a Minister-in- charge and a Departmental Secretary.

Cooperation Directorate= Cooperation Directorate is working under control of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies in West Bengal.

Tribunal= West Bengal Cooperative Tribunal

Mrs. Mira Pandey= the then Registrar of Cooperation Directorate

Sanjay= Mafia Leader Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala; one of the Director of M/S. Martin Burn Limited.

Chuni= Chuni Lal Mukherjee, an expelled Senior Officer from Dunlop, promoted an Assocaition namely Satamita Appartment Association and subsequently ditched them by selling the Property to Mafia Leader Sanajy. 

Chitta= Adjudged Cheat Chittaranjan Ganguly.

My Vendors= Ava Rani Dey and her daughter Dipika Rani Bhattacharyya

Kamlesh = Kamlesh Chandra Chattiopadhyay the Local CPI(M) Leader who indulged in blackmailing activities to use his connection with Shri Jyoti Basu and Shri Som Nath Chatterjee;

Sukumar = Sukumar Das one of my tenant under pendant suit residing at my aforesaid        properties.

Shrawan = Shrawan Kumar Bhatter along with his Two Brothers namely Sushil Kumar Bhatter and Ashok Kumar Bhatter amongst 31 persons who booked flats with me during March 1982;

Rajkumar= Raj Kumar Dhawan, who along with his son amongst 31 persons who booked flats with me during March 1982;

Prabhu = Prabhu Dayal Sureka amongst 31 persons who booked flats with me during March 1982;

Mihir Chowdhury= Mihir Ranjan Choudhury, ARCS, during forgery of an Order Sheet working at the Cooperation Directorate and was party to said forgery. When matter of said forgery came up before West Bengal Cooperative Tribunal, he was appointed as Secretary of Tribunal to protect himself and other co-accused responsible for committing such forgery.

A. K. Bhattacharyya= Ld. Mr. A. K. Bhattacharyya, WBHJS, the then Member of West Bengal Cooperative Tribunal.

A. K. Choudhury= Ld. Mr. A. K. Choudhury, WBHJS, the then Ld. Presiding Officer of the 5th Court of Additional District Judge at Alipore (Kolkata).

Jayanta Kumar= Ld. Mr. Jayanta Kumar Dasgupta, the then Ld. Presiding Officer of the 5th Court of Munsif at Alipore (Kolkata).

Moulick = Ld. Mr. J. C. Moulick, the then Ld. Presiding Officer of the 5th Court of Munsif at Alipore (Kolkata).


In 1947-48, Chittaranjan Ganguly, admittedly was a college student, involved in various cheating activities. In one such activity he entered in sale agreement for a property comprises under C. S. Plot No.366 under C. S. Khatian No.473, situated in the Mouza Sahapur, Calcutta 700 038, on the strength of one so-called Sale agreement with the owner of the said land. The owner of the Land, who refutes that he has executed any Sale agreement in favour of Chittaranjan Ganguly, filed a Civil Suit. During his deposition, Chittaranjan Ganguly, admitted in the Court that being a Student 1947-48, he was not in a position to pay the consideration money referred in the Sale Agreement. Therefore, Learned Court of 1st Munsif, Alipore, (Calcutta) interalia held in his Judgement in the said Civil Suit being Title Suit No.193 of 1950 as follows: -


“I therefore, come to conclusions that agreement of purchase relied upon by the defendant is only a piece of paper which was never acted upon. It contains false, fraudulent entries in its endorsements relating to receipt of consideration, Chittaranjan never possessed the land in question.”


Similarly, he cheated several persons, including one Kishori Mohan Bose, who lodged an F.I.R., against Chittaranjan Ganguly.However, in the matter Criminal Court of Learned Mr.D.Moitra, 1st Class Judicial Magistrate, held Chittaranjan Ganguly, guilty under Section 406 of the Indian Penal Code and awarded an fine of Rs.2, 000/- or ID to RI for one year.


1947-48 During the same period of 1947-48, when Chittaranjan Ganguly, was a College student, and admittedly was not in a position to pay any consideration money, caused another Sale Deed on 22.12.1947, from said Balaram Paul, which was Registered on 23rd December, 1947. Reportedly, his father was a Government employee, working at the same Office, where alleged Sale Deed was registered. In the alleged Sale Deed, the name of Balram Paul was recorded as Vendor, while name of Chittaranjan Ganguly was recorded as Purchaser.The properties described in the Sale Deed was for entire C.S.Khatian No.534 measuring 0.50 Acre, for which said Balram Paul executed another Sale Agreement in favour of Nalini Mohan Dey, and subsequently executed Sale Deed on 8.5.1954, as described in the foregoing paragraphs.


Between 1948 (the period when Sale Agreement was executed by Balram Paul in favour of Nalini Mohan Dey) and 1954 (the date when Sale Deed was executed on 8.5.1954 as aforesaid) one Rabindra Lal Chakraborty physically entered in a part of C.S.Khatian No.534, claiming that he had acquired the properties from said Chittaranjan Ganguly. However, in the Judgement in Title Suit No.301 of 1963 of the 5th Court of Munsif, Alipore hold ownership of his successors on the basis of the Records of Rights, not on the basis of such claim.


On the basis of an application filed by Chittaranjan Ganguly with prayer to handover the alleged Sale Deed executed by Balaram Paul in his favour, but was seized by Police with reference to one Criminal matter of the State –Vs- Noor Banu and Others Shri A.M.Khusari, Additional District Magistrate, Alipore, passed following order on 10.7.1954:

“Seen application of Shri Chittaranjan Ganguly dated 7.7.54. The matter has not been satisfactorily handled so far, Sri R.N.Banerjee, Magistrate, 1st Class, will please hold the enquiry at once, summon witnesses, if necessary, examine the C.I. and come to a definite finding whether the applicant is entitled to the document and if so, make it available to him. He will please take prompt action. Inform the applicant. Sd/- A.M.Kushari.”


On 18.1.1955, Shri R.N.Banerjee, Magistrate, 1st Class, Alipore after holding the enquiry and recording of witnesses, passed following order:


“Held an enquiry with the matter. It appears that Shri Shyama Charan Choudhury, Mukhtear, took out the exhibits along with the Sale-deed in question on behalf of the complainant and accused in that case but he did not take any receipt from either party to show that he actually made over the document to Jagabandhu Chakravorty or any body else. It also appears from evidence before that the document was seized by Police from the Clerk of Sri Bhupen Bose, Pleader, who was also been examined by me. It is also in evidence of that clerk that Balaram Pal made over that document to him for inspection by Bhupen Babu and it also appears from evidence that it is a benami deed purported to be executed by Balaram Pal in favour of Chittaranjan Ganguly simply for rectification of his title. It is, therefore, clear that Chitta Ganguly cannot be real claimant as it was not seized from his custody and also because he seems to be the benamdar of Balaram Pal. To A.D.M. Sd/- R.N.Banerjee, Magistrate, 1st Class. ”



On 8.2.55 order was passed in the said matter: “Perused record. I agree with the above finding. The petition of Sri Chittaranjan Ganguly is rejected.”


On 22.4.55 final order the aforesaid application of Chittaranjan Ganguly was made:

“ This matter arises out of G.R.No.660 of 1948 which was disposed of by Sri F.M.Sanyal, Magistrate, 1st Class on 4.12.51. On 8.4.52 Jagbandhu Chakravorty, the defecto complainant prayed for return of some documents filed in that case. The petition was subsequently filed for non-appearance of petitioner. On 30.8.52 the petitioner obtained an order for return of the documents from the officer-in-charge of the Record Room and accordingly took delivery of the documents in question except one deed.

The present applicant contends that one of those documents viz. A sale deed purporting to have been executed by Balaram Pal in favour of Chittaranjan Ganguly should not have been delivered to Jagbandhu Chakravorty but should have been made over to Chittaranjan Ganguly instead.

The previous application on this point was enquired by Sri R.Banerjee, Magistrate, 1st Class. His finding vide his order dated 15.1.55 was that the deed which was seized by Police  from the custody of the clerk of Shri Bhupen Bose Pleader, had been made over to that clerk by Balaram Pal and not by Chittaranjan Ganguly. I have perused the evidence taken by him in this connection and I agree with his findings.

Chittaranjan Ganguly’s claim for return of the deed is not supported by the weight of evidences and circumstances. The petition therefore rejected.”





23/12/1947           One Balaram Paul claiming himself as owner of the Properties measuring 0.50 Acre equivalent to 30 Cottahs comprised in C.S. Khatian No. 534 as aforesaid, under some false representations or otherwise executed one alleged deed in favour of Chittaranjan Ganguly, subsequently, which was seized by Police from the Advocate of said executor Balaram Paul himself, but not from Chittranajn Ganguly, proving that owner of the aforesaid Deed was Balaram Paul.

16/09/1948           One Nalini Mohan Dey husband of my vendors purchased properties measuring 0.60 Acre equivalent to 36 Cottas comprised in C. S. Khatian No. 530 as aforesaid from it's the then Owners. 

1947-1964            From some records it appears that Chitta  was a habitual Cheater and caused fraud upon several persons, and adopting similar modus operandi with the help of his father who was working in the Registry office at Alipore, got created a sale Deed from said Balaram Paul, underfalse representations. However said deed executed by Balaram Paul was always with Balarm Paul till it was not seized from the Advocate of said Balaram Paul.   

1048-1954                  South Suburban Municipality (Now part of Kolkata Municipality) initially mutated the name of

Chitta in respect of the property belong to said Balaram Paul, but subsequently after objections raised by Nalini Mohan Dey said name was deleted after a decision taken in a meeting of the Elected Municipal Commissioners.

08/05/1954          Balaram Paul claiming himself as owner of the Properties measuring 0.50 Acre equivalent to 30 Cottas, comprised in C.S. Khatian No. 534 as aforesaid, also executed another alleged deed in favour of said Nalini Mohan Dey, and delivered physical possession of the properties except one part, which according to him was tenanted to one Abdul Latiff Mistry. 

18/01/1955           One administrative order was passed by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Alipore (Kolkata), rejecting application of said Chitta to deliver him the alleged Deed executed by said Balaram Paul in his favour with finding that the said alleged deed was benami and Chittranajn Ganguly was his Benamdar.

07/02/1955           Chitta by his own hand and pen admitted in a letter written to Late Shri Rabindra lal Chakraborty that he is not possession holder of the properties referred in the Deed Executed by Balaram Paul and requested him to support financially so he can acquire the properties, with assurance that if he get the property, he will give large part of the property to him.

00/00/1963           Title Suit No. 301 of 1963 of 4th Court of Munsif, Alipore (Kolkata) was filed by said Nalini Mohan Dey against Legal heirs of Rabindra Lal Chakraborty in respect of properties comprised in said R. S. Plot No. 219 within said R. S. Khatian No. 534, which according to Balaram Paul was tenanted to one Abdul Latif Mistry, but possessed by force by the Legal heirs of Rabindra Lal Chakraborty, from whom I purchased said property in 1988, in consideration Judgment in said Suit. 

28/09/1977           By the Judgment in Title Suit No. 301 of 1963 was dismissed by 4th Court of Munsif, Alipore filed by the husband of my Vendors on the ground that the Balaram Paul: who Executed Two Deeds (1) in the favour of Nalini Mohan Dey in 1954 (2) in favour of Chitta, himself was not the Title Holder. However, Court hold ownership of the Legal Heirs of family Members of Rabindra Lal Chakraborty upon the Properties comprised in R. S. Plot No. 219, measuring more or less 10 Cottahs of land, based on Records of Rights, which was admitted as documentary evidence by all parties to Suit including said Chitta and husband of my vendors. On the basis of the said selfsame documents ownership of my Vendors only affirmed in respect of R. S. Plot No. 205, 206 and 207 as aforesaid only.

07/08/1979           Judgment in Title Appeal No.1179 of 1979 of the 11th Addl.District Judge at Alipore (Kolkata) by which Judgment and decree passed by the learned Munsif in Title Suit No. 301 of 1963 by 4th Court of Munsif Alipore dated 28/09/1977 was affirmed. 

1980-1981            Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala was working at a salary of Rs.300.00 per month and he was a tenanted property owned by his mother Smt. Savitri Devi Jhunjhunwala and got vacated from a Tenant after payment of Rs.22 Lakhs in black money and thereafter under a Joint Venture with Kedar Nath Fatehpuria (who was then employee in the Sahu Jain Estates) constructed a multistory complex of three buildings. Only thereafter the story of development of his Nexus with Shri Jyoti Basu and growth of his Mafiadom was started.

1980-1981            My Vendors, through their Lawyer claimed in writing, claimed that they are owners of 70 Cottas of the land, out of which one litigation is pending in respect of the properties more or less measuring 3 Cottas.

09-12-1981 / 05-02-1982 I entered in agreement with my Vendors, to purchase their alleged 70 cottas of landed

properties comprised in C. S. Khatian No. 530 and 534 as aforesaid, relying their false claim as correct.

02/02/1982           My Lawyer of Ld. Mr. Aloke Nath Ghosh, Advocate sent a Letter to Lawyer of my Vendors, Ld. Mr. Swapan Kumar Chakraborty with reference to such agreement and made requisite subsequent correspondent.

00/03/1982                 I also entered in Agreements to sale 31 Flats.

31/05/1982 / 28/06/1982 My Vendors, executed 14 Sale Deeds in respect of 35 Cottas of Landed Properties

comprised in entire R. S. Plot No. 194, 205 and 207 in favour of my nominees, including my mother, father, Brother-in-laws, and friends. My Vendors failed to execute Sale Deeds in respect of R. S. Plot No. 195 and 206 (Measuring 21 Cottahs more or less) for their failure to comply some legal formalities, though I made full payment to them and they delivered Physical Possession to me. With regards to rest R.S. Plot No. 219 (Measuring 10 Cottahs more or less) they lost their claim of Title in 1977 in the aforesaid Suit against their written false claim which they made in 1982 through their Lawyer about pending of a Litigation for about 3 Cottahs. 

October 1982       Under ill-advice from my the then Lawyer Mr. Aloke Nath Ghosh, Advocate I formed a Cooperative Housing Society making each one as Promoter who booked flats with me.  Before formation of the said Society I already purchased properties and got executed Sale deedsin respect of 35 Cottahs of Land and also got Registered Agreement for sale for rest 21 Cottahs of land and taken delivery of the entire properties against full payment and get powers of Attorney. All those things were executed between February and June 1982, much before formation of my society.

29/12/1982           When I understood that Tenants under abetment from Kamlesh were engaged in blackmailing activities, I with clear object to inform about my intention to settle the matter with the tenants-under-pending-Suits residing at the newly purchased properties I sent a Letter by Registered Post to the Officer-in-charge, Behala Police Station and Local CPI(M) Leaders,  and each Tenants individually  in which I referred in detail my Offer for rehabilitations of the Tenants.   

09/01/1983           In a meeting held at Ajanta Cinema, proposal offered by me for rehabilitation of tenants was accepted by the Tenants and approved by C.P.I. (M) Leaders. During the meeting one important decision was atken that all tenants will appear in the Suit by filing Vakalatnama from some CPI(M) supporter Lawyer. Since in the meeting Kamlesh was also present, taking advantage of it, he managed to appoint his own man as Advocate of the Tenants to ensure continuity of my blackmailing for some personal gains and benefits.

00/02/1983           Under aforesaid ill advise from my the then Lawyer Mr. Aloke Nath Ghosh, Advocate, I got Registration of my Cooperative Housing Society, in which I provided Membership to all those who booked flats with me, out of which 24 Membership was recognised by Cooperation Directorate but 7 were refused for want of requisite documents.

04/03/1983                    I made Prabhu and Shrawan as members of Managing Committee of my Cooperative Society. 

25/03/1983 / 31/05/1983 Under my fiduciary relationship with the aforesaid Members, without any payment of consideration money I transferred properties comprised in R. S. Plot No. 194, 205 and 207 in favour of his Cooperative Society. 

04-08/06/1983     Jayanta passed Orders in 36 Suits, on my application, but under embracement, not recorded the same and subsequently when I taken appropriate steps against such anomaly, even wrongly recorded orders were removed or changed, between 8.6.1983 and 26.07.1983. I released Aloke Nath Ghosh, Advocate from my Court cases considering his malafide intentions to blackmail me.

13/07/1983 / 26/07/1983 I filed 19 Applications U/S 340 of Criminal Procedure Code against interpolation in or removal of the wrongly recorded orders of different suits. 

00/00/1983           I myself innovated and developed a Model of a New Civil Procedure Code and sent it by Regd. Post to the then Law Minister of India Shri Asok Sen by Registered Post. 

16/09/1983           Tenants obtained Ad-interim Injunction order against me and my Society in T. S. No. 108/83 of 7th Assistant District Judge, Alipore (Kolkata) which was modified on 04.10.1983 after contest.

00/09/1983           I filed 31 Revision Applications before Hon'ble High Court against removal or change of Orders of different Suits.

22-23/09/1983     I offered Revised Proposal for rehabilitation of the Tenants, which was too accepted by the Tenants, but not materialized, under abetment from Kamlesh. 

04/10/1983           Injunction order obtained on 16/09/1983 by the Tenants in T. S. No. 108/83 against me was modified, but after modification injunction order was not remains beneficiary for blackmailing objects against me. 

10/10/1983           Once again on request from the C. P. I. (M) Leaders I entered in written agreement with the representatives of the Tenants accepting their terms that Compromise Petitions for filing in Pending Suits will be approved by Shri Som Nath Chatterjee, M. P. 

22/10/1983           My Joint Meetings along with representatives of Tenants were held at the residence of Shri Som Nath Chatterjee, M. P., and his direction draft of Compromise Petition were corrected by th hand and pen of Ld. Mr. Pranab Chatterjee, Solicitor. During my first meeting Shri Som Nath Chatterjee, M. P., made remarks that similar proposal even may not have been offered by West Bengal Government. Under my proposal Tenancy Right could have been converted as ownership rights without any payment and in a new building with the same area of the tenanted premises with better facility. I could have been forgetting the Arrear amount of Rents.  

00/11/1983           Sanjay purchased properties with the help of Chuni adjoining  to my properties originally purchased by Satamita Apartment Association.

25/11/1983           I was lifted by force from the Court compound in presence of about 500 litigants, Advocates and others, at the behest of Jayanta and implicated me in a false case of theft of Court Records. 

27/11/1983 / 29/11/1983 Under arrangement on 27.11.1983 Ananda Bazaar Patrika published a news that I was caught red handed during when I was stealing Court Papers, while another Newspaper from same Group The Telegraph 29.11.1983, published true story relates to my forcible lifting and subsequent incidents. 

14/12/1983 I         lodged Complaint before Chief Justice of India and Kolkata High Court against Jayanta for my lifting by force to escape from action against removal or change of Orders from several Suits.

23/12/1983                 I filed Application for according sanction under section 197 of Cr. P.C., against Jayanta. 

28/12/1983           Tenants under abetment from their Leader Sukumar, stolen my one Diesel Generator Set and one Type Writer from my property Office. 

04/01/1984           After complaint from me against News published under arrangements, Ananda Bazaar Patrika hold detailed enquiry and published fresh News in detail with reference to interpolations in the order sheets and my lifting by force.

17/02/1984           Mr. Srikanta Bhattacharyya, Advocate issued a Certificate manipulating the meaning of Injunction Order Passed in Title Suit No. 108 0f 1983.

27/02/1984           My Lawyer served Notice dated 27th February 1984 upon Ld. Mr. Srikanta Bhattacharyya, Advocate. 

29/02/1984           To restrain me from construction of boundarywall of the property Tenants filed a Petition Under Section 144(2) of Cr. P. C. against me and hurled brickbats and Bombs upon my Labours.

02/03/1984           Tenants were engaged in manufacturing of the Bombs to kill me, at that time blast were taken place on the materials they stored for manufacturing of the Bombs, when one tenant was smoking Cigarette injuring two people including one antisocial Gopal Das. A false complaint was lodged against me, by One Oriya Lady by birth claiming Gopal Das by Birth a Bengali as her own brother, under instigation from Kamlesh.

05/03/1984           Anticipatory bail application was moved on my behalf with reference to said Bomb Blast case, at that point of time District Judge disclosed in open Court that he had been telephoned by Advocate General Shri Snehagshu Acharya not to grant anticipatory Bail. 

07/03/1984           After knew about Telephone from Advocate General to District Judge, I sent my protest Letter to Kamlesh with copies to District Judge, Alipore, Advocate-General, and others. After receipt of copy of my said Letter Shri Acharya directed Intelligence Branch, West Bengal Police to enquire the whole matter, which was done, and find nothing against me.

10/04/1984           I filed Writ Petition being No. C.O. 4044(W) of 1984 for Police help before B. C. Basak, J of the Calcutta High Court as His Lordship then was and order as prayed were passed.

Between 10/04/1984 and 19/04/1984 Mr. Dipankar Gupta, Bar-at-law, appeared in the said Writ Petition with sentiment pleadings without supporting any Affidavit on behalf of his alleged client being his driver. Resultantly B. C. Basak, J of the Calcutta High Court as he then was, stayed order passed earlier.

09/05/1984           Finally under embracement from the sentimental pleadings made by Mr. Dipankar Gupta, Bar-at-law, on behalf of his driver, B. C. Basak, J of the Calcutta High Court as he then was, withdrawn order passed earlier.

07/05/1984           In the mean time a pumphlate was published with reports with reference to aforesaid Joint Meetings, as such I sent my Letter to Shri Som Nath Chatterjee, M. P., with Photocopy of draft of Compromise Petitions corrected by his ownhand pen by Pranab Chatterjee, Solicitors. Reportedly after my said Letter Shri Som Nath Chatterjee, get back his said letter, as well as each Photocopy distributed in the locality.

14-05-1984           Said anti-social affirmed affidavit as document No. 5887 dated 14.5.1984 confessing his involvement in manufacturing of Bombs along with tenants. Subsequently he confessed the same fact before Judicial Magistrate Under Section 164 of Criminal Procedure Code, besides further admitted that he along with my tenants Sukumar Das and Pintoo Mondal stolen my Generator Set and Type Writer. CID Kolkata Police recovered Generator Set, from the person who purchased the same from Sukumar Das but Type Writer was not recovered as the same was purchase by an Advocate. But, Behala Police Station, taken no further steps in the matter and protected criminals under political pressure.  

02/08/1984           I sent my Protest Letter to Ld. Mr. Dipankar Gupta, Bar-at-Law, against his sentimental pleadings before Hon'ble High Court, without support of any affirmed affidavit.

31/08/1984                I was discharged from said false criminal case recorded at the behest of Jayanta. 

06/09/1984           Reportedly Jayanta was dismissed from Judicial Service by Hon'ble Calcutta High Court as the first such case of dismissal of any Judicial Officer in Indian Judicial History.  

19/09/1984 / 14/01/1985 Three Applications Under Section 144(2) of Cr. P. C. filed by the Tenants against me but subsequently each one were closed under section 144(5) of Cr. P. C.

18/12/1984           I requested in writing to all members of my Cooperative Society including Shrawan to make payment of Rs.5/- per square feet against their booked accommodations, but considering the regular trouble caused by the Tenants at the Properties they did not make any payment, nd maintained complete silence in considerations of their very limited stakes, as from initial payment on the date of their respective Bookings of Flats they did not paid a single paisa to me or my cooperative Society, nor they bothered about the working of the Cooperative Society till some of them not joined hands with Sanjay to blackmail me.

31/12/1984           In consideration of the silence on the part of members of my Cooperative Society including Shrawan against my request to make payment of Rs.5/- per square feet against their booked accommodations, I served a Circular Letter to each of them by Registered Post and received by each of them under their signatures on acknowledgements, in which I gave a proposal to distribute the property in proportionate to their respective Payments, but all of them maintain complete silence in considerations of their very limited stakes, as they did not make any payment, from initial payment on the date of their respective Bookings of Flats nor they bothered about the working of the Cooperative Society till some of them not joined hands with Sanjay to blackmail me.

23/01/1985 / 30/01/1985 I received Message from Deputy Superintendent of Police Shri Md. Nizam. When I met with Deputy Superintendent of Police as per message, I understood that he was one Senior Police Officials who visited the Hospital immediately after said Bomb manufacturing Blast incidence, and informed that Local CPI(M) Leaders have very good reputation for me, though they are leaders of the Tenants. He shown me the file where I seen order letter from Shri Jyoti Basu, the then Chief Minister from his own signature upon District Magistrate 24-Parganas to remove me, on false claims that properties was belonged to one Chitta. D.M. directed to Deputy Superintendent of Police to implement order of C.M.

01/02/1985           I served my representation against aforesaid direction by my Letter addressed to the then Deputy Superintendent of Police Shri Md. Nizam, with copies to Shri Jyoti Basu and Mrs. Ranu Ghosh, District Magistrate.

13/02/1985           In consideration of information regarding plan of encroachment of my property I served Lawyers Notice by Regd. Post to Chuni against his plan to encroach my property.

19/02/1985           After receipt of my Lawyer's Notice Chuni changed his strategy and lodged a false First Information Report against me as Behala P. S. Case No. 54 dated 19.2.1985, with object to get arrested me under connivance with Police, when I will come to obstruct his plan to encroach my property. But I filed Civil Suit for Injunctions.  

1985                       Under some unholy agreement between Shri Jyoti Basu, the then Mayor of Kolkata Shri Kamal Basu, arranged contract for rebuilding of burnt portion of New (Hogg) Market in favour of Company of Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala namely M/S. Martin Burn Limited, and lease was granted against payment of premium of Rs.1.08 Crores against the then prevailing premium in the vicinity with same terms and conditions should have been much more than Rs. 15.00 Crores. Reportedly Rs.8.00 Crores were get hand transferred for aforesaid contract between Shri Jyoti Basu and CPI(M) Party, and Shri S. K. Todi. Though this is just a report, as such in the larger public interests required to be investigated in fair and free manner to reveal the truth. However, this can be proved from circumstantial evidences that this was starting point for development of Mafiadom of Sanjay.

21/02/1985           After receipt of my Representation against misuse of the Powers for my removal from my absolute property, dated 01/02/1985 Mrs. Ranu Ghosh, the then D. M., 24 Parganas, withdrew her earlier direction issued under order of Shri Jyoti Basu for my removal from my property.

06/02/1986           To save himself from implications of the Civil Suit filed by me a letter was written by Chuni to the Officer-in-Charge, Behala P.S., thereby admitting that First Information Report lodged by him on 19th February 1985 against me was based on untrue information.

21/03/1986           Kolkata Municipal Corpoartion sanctioned two Plans each for two multistoried buildings in favour of me (R.S.Plot No. 206), and my Cooperative Society (R.S.Plot No. 205).

00/06/1986           Seven (7) Tenants being inhabitants at R. S. Plot No. 205 vacated their respective tenancy premises after recording admission before the Ld. Court in respective Execution Proceedings against respective Decrees and delivered Physical Possession to me.

00/06/1986           Taking advantage of development happened by peaceful vacant of the 7 Rooms by the tenants, Sanjay and Chuni and their other associates met secretly with my other tenants being inhabitant of R. S. Plot No. 194 and abetted them to send me in hell.

18/07/1986                 Severe attempt to murder me took place with 42 stab wounds all over my body.

00/08/1986           Honest Advocates always likes my honesty and moral standard, as a result cordial relations were developed, and maintained till they not influenced by Mafiadom. After knew about attempt to murder from Ld. Mr. P.K. Ray, Bar-at-Law Ld. Mr. Debal Banerjee, Bar-at-Law son of Mr. Milon Banerjee, present Attorney General of India sent his hand written letter to me blessing for my early recovery.

05/08/1986           When I understood that Shri Bhola Nath Mukherjee, Area Councilor, was also involved to bailout one of the accused in attempt to my murder, I sent my protest letter.

Between 18/07/1986 and 05/08/1986 Sanjay got forged one letter as if he received by Registered Letter as a complaint to him (as if he was any authority) from my those tenants who already vacated respective Rooms under compliance of their admission before the Court. Sanjay forwarded it through his covering Letter, with object to create fear in my mind as in the letter I was painted as a dreaded criminal.

July 1986              Sanjay visited me in Hospital on false claim of friendship but instigated to Shrawan to create pressure upon me to compel me to sell the properties.

10/08/1986           Shankar Lal Bhatter and his son Shrawan met and ask me that when Sanjay is interested to purchase the property, why I should not sell him. I refused to accept such proposal.

After 10/08/1986 Shankar Lal Bhatter and his son met with each person, who booked flats with me.

06/09/1986 / 15/10/1986 Since plan was sanctioned on 21/03/1986 and tenants vacated their occupied premises in June 1986 and after recovery from attempt to murder, immediately I called Extra Ordinary General Meeting on 6th September 1986 and General Meeting on 15th October 1986, of my Society, in which Allotments of the proposed Flats and remaining properties were made in favour of the then all 24 Members of my Cooperative Society, including me.

1986                       Plans earlier sanctioned by Kolkata Municipal Corporation in favour of Satamita Apartment Association were revised granting illegal sanction of plans for three Buildings of Ten Stories in severe violation of prevailing Building Rules in favour of Companies of Sanjay, since unholy relationship between Sanjay and Shri Kamal Basu Mayor of Kolkata and Shri Jyoti Basu. 

In on or about 26/09/1986 Sanjay conveyed me another story with reference to one (host) Advocate and used the name of Shri B. K. Basu, the then Commissioner of Kolkata Police.

06/10/1986           Under arrangement with Sanjay a false News was published in The Telegraph's regular feature under heading "CALCUTTA ROUNDUP", under sub-heading "Antisocials terrorise slumdwellers".   

22/10/1986           After knew about said News that same is indicting me, I sent my Protest Letter challenging the Newspaper to use his good office to arrange enquiry from CBI, on the entire matter so truth shall come out. 

26/10/1986                My Cooperative Society issued Allotment Letters in favour of each Members.

28/10/1986           After one month from new story conveyed me, I wrote a Letter to Sanjay to confirm his alleged information by which he indirectly threatened me to misuse Shri B. K. Basu the then Commissioner of Kolkata Police, in writing.

05/11/1986           Look daring attitude of Sanjay under Nexus with Shri Jyoti Basu, he confirmed his alleged but created story in writing. Actually story was a clear threat to me that I can be removed from my property with the help of Shri Bikes Kali Basu, the then Police Commissioner of Kolkata, if I would not sell the property to him.

14/11/1986           Under instructions from Shri Jyoti Basu, Kolkata Municipal Corporation created a fake Municipal Holding No. 161/N, Binoba Bhave Road, Ward No. 119, Kolkata, in favour of Chitta. Surprisingly, even before creation of the said fake Municipal Holding Sanjay referred said fake Municipal Holdings in his aforesaid Two Letters dated 5th August 1986 and 5th November 1986.  

10/12/1986           I published a Public Notification in Newspaper and started Construction of one Building at R. S. Plot No. 205 and one Building at R. S. Plot No. 206 as per sanction plans.

24/01/1987           Membership of 7 Persons (including Shrawan, his two brothers, Raj Kumar Dhawan and his son and Prabhu) of my Cooperative Society were seized by operation of Cooperation Law who refused to accept the allotment made by the Society on 26th October 1986.

26/02/1987           I sent a Letter to Mr. Bikes Kali Basu, I.P.S., the then Commissioner of Kolkata Police, to find out alleged Advocate who had misused his name for illegal threats to me.

12/03/1987                 Sanjay with the help of one Ram Gopal Saraogi made payment to said adjudged Cheat Chitta.

11/03/1987-16/04/1987 To cover-up to the threat referred in the Letter dated 5th November 1986 of Sanjay Kolkata Police sent two Letters to me, in response to my Letter dated 26/02/1987. In response to same I asks the Police that why they are not enquiring from Sanjay instead of writing letters to me. 

19/03/1987           Kolkata Municipal Corporation under arrangement got received a Complaint from Chitta based on aforesaid fake Municipal Holding created on 14th November 1986.

19/03/1987           On the basis of a said Complaint from Chitta Municipal Corporation conducted following proceedings within one working day or within 6 hours of a working day: (1) enquiry was directed, (2) alleged Local inspection and enquiry was conducted (3) alleged 12 Page Typed Report (Without Type Writer facility) was prepared by Mr. Tarak Banerjee in the language of Chittaranjan Ganguly, (4) alleged Report was submitted (5) Meeting of the respective authority were held and alleged Report was accepted (6) My sanctioned Plans were revoked and (7) Local Police were directed to stop construction activities run by me.   (Note Contrary to directive portion of Judgment in Title Appeal No.1179 of 1979 of the 11th Addl.District Judge at Alipore (Kolkata 07/08/1979 by which Judgment and decree passed by the learned Munsif in Title Suit No. 301 of 1963 by 4th Court of Munsif Alipore dated 28/09/1977 was affirmed, in aforesaid 12 Page Report judgment was interpreted otherwise).

19/03/1987                 Police intimated in Writing to me to stop the Construction at my Property, which I complied with.

06/04/1987           I filed Two Writ Petitions against aforesaid order of Revocation of sanctioned Plans by Kolkata Municipal Corporation and related Police Direction. In the Writ Petitions Chitta was made Respondent No. 6.

19-23/04/1987     Agent of Sanjay, namely Ram Gopal Saraogi published advertisement in Newspapers for sale of my property.

07-10/05/1987     On the basis of the information and papers collected from Ram Gopal Saraogi I sent my protest letter to Sanjay with copies to others.

26/07/1987           News published in the Bengali Daily Newspaper Ananda Bazaar Patrika with regards to underhand arrangements between Railway Authorities and Sanjay. In this News for the wrong doings committed by Sanjay entire Marwari Community was defamed. 

28/07/1987           I sent my letter to Mr. S. N. Agarwal, Chief Engineer, Eastern Railway, with reference to News published in the Ananda Bazaar Patrika date 26th July 1987 that 6 Bighas of Railway Land is transferred to Sanjay.

05/08/1987           I filed Title Suit No. 348 of 1987 in the Court of 5th Munsif, Alipore, for declaration that the Execution of Sale Deeds in favour of his Cooperative Society were just as Name lenders and without any payment of consideration money. This was a fact that Benami Transaction based on fiduciary relationship is legally valid even under Benami Transaction (Prohibition) Act, 1988.

00/00/1987           I understood that Sanjay using his black money and muscle powers with the open support from Shri Jyoti Basu is working against me to black mail through various means and methods.

00/08/1987           Complaint was lodged by Group of 7 persons headed by Shrawan against me before Cooperation Directorate to got hold enquiry of working of the Cooperative Society. This complaint was not maintainable under various provisions of the Cooperative Law and respective Rules.

19/08/1987                  The Railway published false clarification in Ananda Bazaar Patrika.

09/11/1987           I wrote a letter to Railway authorities against illegal agreement between Railways and the Companies of Sanjay.

20/11/1987           Memo Letter No. F. No. 29690/3/DOR/PG-87 from the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, with reference to my complaint against such transfer of Railway Land.

20/11/1987           After I was informed by some reliable sources I served Lawyers Notice upon Deputy Registrar and another of the Cooperation Directorate, against non-maintainability of alleged complaint made by 7 persons.

30/11/1987                 I lodged a complaint to Income Tax Department against leakage of information to Sanjay.

20/01/1988           I purchased through one of my Private Limited Company Properties comprised in R. S. Plot No. 219 measuring more or less 10 Cottas of Land from the Legal Heirs of Rabindra Lal Chakraborty.

31/03/1988           Judgment was pronounced by Kolkata High Court setting-aside the orders of Revocation of Sanctioned Plans, issued by Kolkata Municipal Corporation and in the Judgment Respondent No. 6 Chitta was suggested by way of observations to go to appropriate authority if he wants Injunction against me on allegations that construction are made on his property.

30/05/1988           Dispute Case No. 43/RCS/87-88 was filed by Shrawan (one amongst aforesaid 7 Complainants lodged complaint against me before Cooperation Directorate for enquiry) and one Arjun Mondal, ARCS, was appointed as Arbitrator.

30/05/1988           My Vendors also joined hands with said Mafia Sanjay, and published advertisement to give impression that they still are owners of the properties, which already sold to me. Ld. Mr. P. K. Ray, Bar-at-law, informed me and supplied copy of the Newspaper. My Vendors also filed Title Suit No. 333 of 1988 of Ld. 5th Court of Munsif, Alipore against me for declaration and injunction with manipulation of area of Suit Properties to blackmail me.

21/06/1988           Division Bench of Kolkata High Court headed by Hon'ble Mr. Justice G. N. Ray refused to grant stay against application filed by Chitta against aforesaid Judgment of High Court dated 31/03/1988.

25/06/1988           I also published counter advertisement in Baratman in response to advertisement published by my Vendors.

13/07/1988           Without intimating me, Kolkata Municipal Corporation fixed date as 22/07/1988 for further hearing.

22/07/1988           Mr. D. K. Nath, Municipal Engineer in presence of one Mr. Mahendra Rungta admitted that Corporation would compel me to sell properties to Sanjay.

23/07/1988           Mr. Debbarata Bandopadhyay, Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Buildings) admitted in presence of Ld. Mr. S. K. Kapoor, Bar-at-Law that hearing is fixed mere a hoax for revoking my plans only. When he find nothing to revoke the Plans, he adjourned the hearing without fixing next date to restrain the constructional activities taking advantage of Order dated 21.06.1988 of Hon'ble High Court.    

02/08/1988 / 25/11/1988 Mr. Shanti Lal Jain, Councilor, Telephoned and conveyed me threat message of Shri Kamal Basu Mayor of Kolkata to sell the property to Sanjay if I want to live in Kolkata.

05/08/1988           File of Dispute Case No. 43/RCS/87-88 not handed over to appointed Arbitrator Mr. Arjun Mondal but illegally delivered to another person Mr. N. Goswami, CDO, without having any appointment or authority to adjudicate the dispute.

12/09/1988           In consideration of such threats I sent my letter to Shri Kamal Basu the then Mayor of Kolkata Municipal Corporation against illegal favour to Sanjay.

27/09/1988           Letter to Prof. S. Nurul Hasan the then Governor of West Bengal, Shri Jyoti Basu, the then Chief Minister of West Bengal and Shri Buddha Dev Bhattacharyya, the then Minister of West Bengal, with reference to claim of Sanjay that he has support from the powerful politician.

04/10/1988           In the Appeal filed by Chitta against Judgment of Hon'ble Kolkata High Court Judgment dated 31. 3. 88 and after knew about the aforesaid advertisement dated 30.05.1988 I filed application for addition of Party which was granted by the Hon'ble Court presided by G. N. Ray, J. as he then was. Upon pleading from Mr. P.K. Ray, Bar-at-Law on behalf of me Hon'ble Court directed Kolkata Municipal Corporation that hearing must be finished by 7th November 1988.

October 1988       I filed Title Suit No. 138 and 139 of 1988 of Ld. 7th Court of Assistant District Judge, Alipore against my Vendors for specific performance by execution of Sale Deeds in respect of Properties comprised in R. S. Plot No. 195 and 206.

02/11/1988           After direction by Hon'ble High Court fixing for decision as 7th November 1988, under after thought Kolkata Municipal Corporation issued Show Cause Notice just five days behind fixed date of hearing. 

03-25/11/1988     Mr. Alokesh Sen, Special Correspondent of The Statesman, taken Interview of Shri Kamal Basu, Mayor of Kolkata where Mayor admitted that originally sanction of Three Buildings for Ten Stories in favour of Companies of Sanjay were illegal. But at the later stage Two Buildings were legalised. This admission itself was evidence of Criminal Misconduct on the part of Shri Kamal Basu, as under the then prevailing law no building higher than 38.36 Meters could have been sanctioned in the respective area. Statesman not published the said interview even after I sent letters to Mr. Alokesh Sen, and its Editor Mr. C. R. Irani.

07/11/1988           When hearing was started it was transpired that Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Building) was already having with him written Revocation Order. But, when I shown my presence along with Ld. Mr. S. K. Kapur, Bar-at-Law, together with my written objection, Deputy Municipal Commissioner was forced to insert the objection in his order and as such he sign his order only on 9th November though giving date of 7th November 1988. My sanctioned Plans were revoked on new but fake and completely flimsy grounds that property have no passage and that the sanction of the Plan were obtain excess than actual property. During the Hearing repeated Telephone were intervened from Shri Kamal Basu.  Subsequently, Municipal Commissioner informed me that he was not in a position to help me, because Shri Jyoti Basu was personally interested in the matter.

13/11/1988           I consulted my long time Lawyer Mr. B. C. Dutt, Advocate in the new order of revocation dated 7th November 1988. 

09/01/1989           I filed Writ Petition against revocation of Plan and Hon'ble High Court appointed Special Officer to submit report, taking help from High Court Panel Surveyor. Even after repeated Notices by Special Officer Corporation not participated in his proceedings or Surveyors though at last day of proceedings Corporation’s Two representatives were sign their presence, but refused to participate in the proceedings.

00/02/1989           Kolkata High Court after going through the Special Officer's Report, Camera Photos and Map, directed to Kolkata Municipal Corporation to withdraw its revocation order and permitted us to make construction in accordance with the sanctioned plans.

17/03/1989           Mr. N. Goswami, who was adjudicating Dispute case No. 43/RCS/87-88 without having his appointment as Arbitrator, when my Advocate asks for file of Dispute Case he refused it. As such I applied for Certified Copy of the entire Order Sheet of the said Dispute case.

28/03/1989           With my utter surprise Ld. Mr. B. C. Dutt, Advocate, appeared against me in the same matter  in which I consulted him on 13/03/1989 and paid consultation fees. As such I sent my Protest Letter.

06/05/1989           Dispute Case No. RCS-112-113/88-89 were filed against me by aforesaid 2 + 4 persons out of said Group 7 Members. Most absurd thing in the Injunction Application were made on affirmation was that on the very day of filing of the Dispute Case Plaintiffs of those cases made completely false statements that I am avoiding service of the summons.

25/08/1989           Notice was published by Messers Pankaj Shroff & Co, Advocates, Calcutta-700 001 in The Telegraph with reference to one property purchased by Two Companies of Sanjay.

28/08/1989           Mr. N. Goswami, alleged Arbitrator in Dispute Case No.43/RCS/87-88, as under a hatched plot in presence of Shrawan, Prabhu and several others, insulted me and threatened me to thrown me out from the alleged Court Room. Without pre-plan there were no scope of presence of Prabhu. He was not a plaintiff or defendant nor a Government employee. Subsequently Prabhu committed crime by participating in forgery of Order Sheet to insert the name of Mr. N. Goswami, as Arbitrator.

16/11/1989           On the strength of aforesaid Advertisement published by M/S. Punkaj Shroff & Co. and on the basis of strong information I lodged a complaint to Appropriate Authority, Calcutta, Income Tax Department and other authorities in respect of concealment of money actually paid in the transactions, as well as complaint against use of the black money.

16/11/1989           Complaint before Income tax department against Shrawan and his group, in consideration of their false claims that they have paid total Rs. 3,44,000/- (odd) to me against their actual payment of Rs.52,000/- (odd).

11/12/1989           Letter to Sanjay with reference to his threats that he "is in a position to use Shri Jyoti Basu, the then Chief Minister of West Bengal to harass me".

06/01/1990           Certified Copy of the Entire Order Sheet of the Dispute Case No. 43/RCS of 1987-88, was delivered me after taking more than 9 months from application dated 17th March 1989. But, one correction without initial was appears as such same was returned back by me. 

10/01/1990           Appeal were filed against alleged Award pronounced by Mr. N. Goswami, in Dispute Case No. 43/RCS of 1987-88 without having any authority or appointment. 

17/01/1990           One Line Injunction Orders were passed against me in Dispute Case Nos. RCS-112-113/88-89, without assigning any reason or grounds. No further date of the matters were informed me even written complaints.

01/02/ 1990          Certified Copy of the Order Sheet of the Dispute Case No. 43/RCS of 1987-88, was re-supplied after putting initial with noting: "correction on verification of the records". 

05/02/1990           In the Appeal filed against alleged Award pronounced by Mr. N. Goswami, in Dispute Case No. 43/RCS of 1987-88 records were called for, by Tribunal. 

08-10/02/1990     Shri Kamal Basu, made a statement before Press that "as long as Mr. Jyoti Basu was fit and holding the reins of powers, he would remain unchallenged". He further says that "Jyoti Basu may be target, but they can't challenge him". He made such statement when West Bengal CPI (M) Leader Mr. Biman Bose leveled charges against him with regards to newly constructed Market by M/S. Martin Burn Limited the Company of Sanjay. Mr. Shanti Lal Jain, BJP Councilor also issued Press Statement in favour of Mr. Basu showing his intimacy, with Shri Kamal Basu as well as with mafia Sanjay. 

Between 02/02/1990 / 16/02/1990 After receipt of directions from Tribunal, to send the records of the said Dispute Case No.43/RCS/87-88 and after going through the grounds of Appeal No. 3 of 1990, Mrs. Mira Pandey, Mihir Choudhury, Shrawan, and Prabhu forged 1st and 2nd page of the Order Sheet to insert the name of Mr. N. Goswami, after get typed blank Order Sheet of 1st page on Electronic Type Writer against printed Order Sheet Printed in Government Press with print Order reference. 

09/02/1990           Mrs. Mira Pandey, issued Unofficial Order No. 48 upon the State of West Bengal to issue Notification to takeover the management of my Cooperative Society to make ways for acquiring the property by Sanjay. 

14/02/1990           Registrar was informed by me about automatic cessession of Membership of the group of 7 Members / persons Letter under operation of the law w.e.f. 24th January 1987.

16/02/1990           Dealing clerk for Certified copy of the Cooperation Directorate wanted back the Certified Copy of entire Order Sheet of Dispute Case No. 43/RCS/87-88, re-supplied on 01/02/1990, with information that under Order of Mrs. Mira Pandey, one order was inserted in the Order Sheet, which is required to be inserted in Certified copy too. Information received by me was recorded by my letter dated 18-20th February 1990 to Mrs. Mira Pandey,.

17/02/1990           Without applying mind, but under clear abetment from aforesaid Unofficial Order No. 48 dated 9th February 1990 from Mrs. Mira Pandey, State of West Bengal issued Notification No.673-Coop/A/8A-1/90, with sole object to arrange property in favour of Sanjay.

19/02/1990           When I refused to give back Certified Copy re-supplied on 1-2-1990, which was wanted back after committing forgery of Order Sheet, as such under after thought by Memo Letter No. 1602 I was conveyed that “one order was omitted inadvertently at the time of supply of the Certified copy”.

19/02/1990           Shrawan got forged one slip with forgery of my signature as if I have ask to sent some money. This forgery was committed to justify their false claim of Payment made to me.

23/02/1990           Income Tax Department, West Bengal, published Notification for GRAND AUCTION SALE of various properties, including one relates to same area of the Property referred by Punkaj Shroff & Co., in his advertisement, justifying my complaint before I.T. Department

09/03/1990           Letter from Shri Dilip Kumar Chakraborty, Ex. M. P., dated 9th March 1990 to Shri Bhakti Bhusan Mondal, Minister of Cooperation, West Bengal.

27/03/1990                 My letter to Shri Bhakti Bhusan Mondal, Minister of Cooperation, West Bengal.




As I have already stated that my Vendors also joined the same Boat carrying  the Blackmailers, and filed Suit against me. In ths suit they adopted criminal manner to manipulate the Suit properties after mixing up the 6 C. S. Plots described in  Records of Rights published in 1932 by the Dominion Government in India with the corresponding 6 R. S. Plots described in the Records of Rights published by the Government of West Bengal in 1956 and referred them in the Plaint of the Suit without describing as C. S. or R. S. Plots. After such manipulations they referred as total 12 Plots, against 6 Plots . Total property as per Records of Rights relates to aforesaid 6 C. S. Plot was described and referred as 66 Cottahs. Similarly total property as per Records of Rights relates to aforesaid 6 R. S. Plots were also described and referred as 66 Cottahs. But under manipulation and after wrongfully mixing up the aforesaid 6 = 6 as 12 Plots total property should have been either 66 or 132 Cottahs. But they referred in the Suit as 94 Cottahs. Out of which they admitted that they sold about 35 Cottahs of land to me. According to them after deduction of 35 Cottahs sold properties from their alleged 94 Cottahs of the land they are still owners of the 59 Cotthas of the land. On the basis of their such false statement they filed Injunction Suit against me under connivance with ChuniLal Mukherjee, to favour blackmailing objectives of the Sanjay. While the total property as per documents they referred and relied upon which as referred in the plaint and Injunction Petition, should have been arises as follows:

 Total area of the entire properties comprised in 6 C. S. as well R. S. Plots comprised in 2 Khatians as per Records of Rights or even as per alleged Deeds which they referred and relied upon for their respective Suit could have been arrived not more than:                                       66 Cottahs

Out of 66 Cottahs they admitted in the plaint and Injunction

they admitted that they have sold to me:                                             35 Cottahs

So, out of 66 Cottahs of land rest arrives:                                           31 Cottahs

Out of 31 Cottahs of Land they suppressed material facts

from the Court relates to that they have

already lost Title over by the said Judgment of 1977 :                               10 Cottahs

They suppressed such material fact in consideration that if they refer such material fact then the Presiding Officer, though favouring them may be under more trouble, as such they not referred the same. In view of the aforesaid Judgment they were not entitled to file any Suit in respect of the property over which they lost their all claims, as it was debarred by Law of the Resjudicata.                         

Therefore in any case rest properties arises as : 21 Cottahs of land. Even upon this property too Supreme Court guidelines, Mr. Moulick was not in a position to pass Injunction Order. But, Mr. Moulick, was misusing his Judicial Office under gratification, thus passed Injunction Order against 59 Cottahs of Land out of Total 66 Cottahs of Land. As such I filed Appeal, which was heard by Ld. Mr. A. K. Chowdhury, Additional District Judge, 5th Court of Alipore (Kolkata) and after hearing hte matter he commented in open Court that in consideration of the such manipulation he is going to reject the plaint at limini, and would pass the order to that effects. But he was influenced thus he withheld theorder for few days and when passed he upheld the order passed by Mr. J. C. Moulick.   


As such I filed Revision Application before Kolkata High Court  against aforesaid Injunction Order passed against me. When my Counsel Ld. Mr. Shakti Nath Mukherjee, Bar-at-law moved my Petition before Justice Amulya Kumar Nandi, after hearing the matter Court was ready to set-aside the Injunction Order passed against me and to revert back to the lower court for further hearing of the Injunction Petition. At this stage Ld. Mr. Shakti Nath Mukherjee, argued before the Hon’ble Court that in consideration of such serious manipulations he will satisfy the Court to pass an Ruling to reject the Suit at limini even during hearing of the Revision Petition. Court agreed and fixed for final hearing of the matter. 


Such development causes serious obstruction for their object to blackmail me. Mr. Kishan Lal Bagaria, Solicitors of Sanjay persuaded my Solicitors Mr. Gouri Shankar Gupta thus he advised me for sitting in negotiation table, which I refused. Thereafter, Gouri Shankar Gupta misguided me that Mr. Shakti Nath Mukherjee, is very busy lawyer, so we should also appoint an additional senior Lawyer, and under his advise I appointed his choice: Ld. Mr. Bidyut Banerjee, Advocate. I was failed to understand that this was a game plan of Gouri Shankar Gupta in connivance with Mr. Kishan Lal Bagaria, Solicitors.

29/03/1990             When matter was called and Mr. Shakti Nath Mukherjee informed Shrio Gouri Shankar Gupta to requst to Court for pass over the matter for few minutes, since he was coming from other Court. Hon'ble Judge was ready to Passover. But at this stage, even ignoring my loudly objection Gouri Shankar Gupta advised and Bidyut Banerjee pleaded in the matter, and the same order was passed, which was Hon'ble Court was ready to pass on the first day of the moving of the Revision Petition.

20/04/1990           I filed Application Under Section 340 of Cr. P. C. against forgery of Order Sheet in Dispute Case No. 43/RCS/87-88 which was registered as Misc. Case No. 3 of 1990 of Tribunal. In which Mrs. Mira Pandey and other Officials from Cooperation Directorate made accused.

25/04/1990           A joint meeting with me and Mr. A.N. Mazumdar, Dy. RCS, was called at the Chamber of West Bengal Minister Shri Bhakti Bhusan Mondal, which was started but blocked by Mr. Mazumdar giving some secret information. The absurd thing of the day was that after going back of Mr. Mazumdar Mr. Mondal refused to recognise me, and to Mr. Dilip Chakraborty, Ex-M.P., and further refused that he had called any joint meeting.  I presumed that Mr. A. N. Mazumdar, just informed Shri Mondal that the matter is relates to Shri Jyoti Basu, as such he should not intervene in the matter. 

07/05/1990           News was published against contract given to Martin Burn Limited (Company belongs to Sanjay and his relations) under some unholy arrangements.




When Shri Jyoti Basu, Sanjay and Shrawan and all their associates understood that all their means and method were failed to black mail me, they decided to take decisive composite criminal actions by criminal means against me, which can be narrated in the following manner:-

1)            Ld. Mr. A. K. Bhattacharyya, the then Member of West Bengal Cooperative Tribunal granted gratification by allotment of property without any application just at the verge of his retirement with agreement to dismiss all matters filed by me;

2)            Ld. Mr. J. C. Moulick and other Presiding Officers of the Ld. 5th Court of Munsif gratified in some or other ways to pass undue orders by using extra judicial powers to ensure my defeat, in matters filed by me or against me;

3)                Defamation Suit was filed against me to implicate me in contempt proceedings, either on this or that pretext. I was reported that, Mafia Leader Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala paid Mr. Kishan Lal Bagaria, Solicitors, besides his professional fees, extra Rs.2,00,000.00 to ensure my imprisonment in Contempt proceedings;

4)            Plot was hatched to kill my 18 Years son with the Police help to stop me from Judicial actions against undue orders passed by Ld. Mr. A. K. Bhattacharyya, and Ld. Mr. J. C. Moulick and other Presiding Officers of the Ld. 5th Court of Munsif; by using extra judicial powers and

5)            My each and every lawyers were influenced either to release my matters or sabotage Court proceedings against me.


After going by the following dates my aforesaid facts would be proved, which I have referred in the Book with evidences.


13/07/1990           Letter to Mrs. Mira Pandey, with copy to Shri Bhakti Bhusan Mondal, Minister of Cooperation, West Bengal suggesting him to resign in consideration of his mental health as were appeared on 25th April 1990, when he failed to recognise me, even after six meetings with me including Four at Writers Buildings and Shri Dilip Chakraborty, Ex-M.P.

25-26/07/1990     Four (4) Appeals were filed by me and registered as Unregistered Appeal Nos. 15, 16, 17, 18 all of 1990 before Tribunal for want of Certified Copies. Subsequently, all those appeals were dismissed on the flimsy grounds that I was failed to file Certified Copies, which actually withheld by the Mrs. Mira Pandy for long Period under Criminal Misconduct to obstruct Administration of Justice, to ensure favour to Sharwan and Sanjay.

17/08/1990           I sent my protest letter to Mr. P. K. Ray, Bar-at-Law, against his appearance in a matter well conversant to him by me as my Counsel.

05/09/1990           2,000 Copies of 28 Pages Memorandum were published under heading "A MATTER OF THE CALCUTTA MAFIA and challenges to ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE" and sent by ordinary post to different authorities including President of India, all Members of Parliament, all West Bengal M.L.A.'s and all Kolkata Councilors and other various authorities. 

06/09/1990           Allotment from the Chief Minister's Quota was arranged in favour of Bhattacharyya, the then Member of Tribunal. Resultantly he started making comments against me.

21/09/1990           News with reference to Memo Letter (MIC/Cop/301/29.8.90) marked "Confidential" sent by Shri Bhakti Bhusan Mondal, West Bengal Cooperative Minister to Chief Secretary Mr. T. C. Dutt to ask Ms. Mira Pandey, the then Registrar of Cooperative Societies, "may be asked to go on leave immediately" and upon question by newsmen Mr. Mondal replied contradictory replies like: (1) "I was sick and I might have signed the letter unknowingly; (2) possibly his signature may be forged (3) he will get enquired the matter. I feel that my Letter dated 13th July 1990 might have heart him directly, in consideration of my demand for his resignations.

03/11/1990           Unregistered Appeal No. 15 of 1990 was dismissed under embracement of the aforesaid Allotment in favour of the then member of Tribunal, on the flimsy grounds that I failed to file Certified copy of the impugned order under Appeal, though same was withheld by Mrs. Mira Pandey, under Criminal misconduct.

06/11/1990           I clarify the fatcs in consideration of remarks made by A. K. Bhattacharyya, by a Letter to him.

08/11/1990           Mr. Milon Chandra Bhattacharjee, Advocate, the then Government Pleader appeared on behalf of accused person for the forgery of Order Sheet, including Mrs. Mira Pandey in the said Misc. Case No. 3 of 1990 abet my Advocate, in my presence. I sent my protest letter with reference to his professional misconduct to influence my Advocate. Copy of the said Letter was forwarded to all person including Government Officials who were present during such incidence of influence.

17/11/1990           Memo Letter No. 10666/SC/PILC/90 from the Supreme Court of India with reference to my Memorandum dated 5th September 1990.

19/12/1990           Two News was published, as S.S. Ray, ex-Chief Minister of West Bengal demanded probe into assets of Basu's family and Mr. Sudip Bandopadhyay, the then MLA alleged that Basu accepted kickbacks from builders.

15/01/1991           A. K. Bhattacharyya, the then Member of Tribunal, under aforesaid embracement also dismissed Unregistered Appeal Nos. 17 and 18 of 1990 on the flimsy grounds that I failed to file Appeal within time.

18/01/1991           Under embracement of allotment of the property from Chief Minister's Quota just at the verge of Retirement, Misc. Case No.3 of 1990 filed against forgery of Order Sheet was dismissed by A. K. Bhattacharyya, with  recording complete false Order that the applicant i. e. me and my Advocates were not present. When my Advocate raised objection against such false recording A. K. Bhattacharyya, said that you can go wherever you likes, truth is which I am recording in the Order sheet. I placed all such absurd proceedings under criminal conspiracy, immediately posting him a letter by Registered Post.  

24/01/1991           I received Memo Letter No. 329 Coop/H/3P/2/83(1) acknowledging my said Memorandum dated 5th September 1990 received by Chief Minister of West Bengal.

22/02/1991           Dr. Manash Bhunyan, M.L.A., (W.B.), fixed the date to raise the matter of atrocities suffered by me in West Bengal Assembly. But, before that he entered in some unholy arrangements with Shri Jyoti Basu, said Mafia Sanjay he postponed the time. Resultantly on the very same day fixed to raise such matter, under some conspiracy severe attempt to murder of my son was caused under Police Protection by staging a Truck accident.

22/02/1991           First Information Report recorded by the Police giving wrong direction of the Truck accidence being arranged / staged to kill my son under a plot. 

26/03/1991             Since the earlier order of Injunction was passed under criminal misconduct by Mr. J. C. Moulick as such again he passed Injunction Order against me. More dangerous impact of the same was that my Vendors promised before High Court to amend the schedule of the property but at the lower Court they not amended the Suit Property in compliance of their admission. In Revision Petition High Court directed for disposal of the matter within 15 days, while matter was disposed off only after a conspiracy was hatched to commit attempt to murder my son which was committed on 22nd  February 1991 and within one month 4 days from the aforesaid severe Attempt to murder my son order was passed. Since Injunction Order was passed under connivance and under open conspiracy by misusing the Judicial Office, as such Mr. Moulick overruled 16 Rulings passed by different High Courts and principles laid down by the Supreme Court for granting Injunction Orders, which I referred in my written arguments. More absurd thing was that to support blackmailing object of the plaintiff i. e. My Vendors, Mr. Moulick even ignored the documents upon which said plaintiffs relied upon for praying the Injunction Order against me. I made written Argument that though court may not rely upon the documents referred by me, but Court cannot ignore the documents referred and relying upon by the plaintiffs of the said Suit  i. e. my Vendors. From the  documents referred by the Plaintiff with injunction Petition property was arises  as I have already referred.         

01/04/1991           I filed unregistered Appeal No. 4 and 5 of 1991 before Tribunal, but most surprisingly and under criminal connivance files of the aforesaid Appeals were got stolen by Mihir Choudhury, Secretary of Tribunal, who was also a party in forgery of the aforesaid Order Sheet.

10/04/1991           Letter to Mihir Chowdhury, earlier who received files of Four Dispute Cases and then stolen them, since he was party to forgery of Order Sheet of Dispute Case No. RCS/43/87-88.

16/04/1991           I received a letter from my Advocate in respect of the judicial proceedings adopted by A. K. Bhattacharyya, the then learned Member of West Bengal Co-operative tribunal, in respect of the Appeal No. 32 of 1990 and Misc. case No. 1 of 1991, dismissing the same on flimsy grounds. 

11/06/1991           Letter from Ms. Ratna Bhattacharjee, Grand Daughter of my Vendors confirming thereby connivance between Chuni and my Vendors against me.

19-20/06/1991                 Protest Letter to Mrs. Maity Ghosh, Advocate against her threat to me.

05/07/1991           Letter to Learned Mr. N. K. Khaitan, Advocate of Shrawan, with reference to his involvement in various Criminal Misconduct including said false recording of 18th January 1991 in Order Sheet of Misc. Case No. 3 of 1990.

1991:                      Application for according sanction, jointly before the President of India and Hon'ble Chief Justice of India, against Prabir Kumar Mazumdar and Shyamal Kumar Sen, JJ., as the then their Lordships were.

12/09/1991           Letter jointly to Shri Har Kishan Singh Surjeet, General Secretary, CPI (M), Shri Som Nath Chatterjee, M.P., and Shri Biman Bose, West Bengal CPI (M) Leader. 

13/09/1991           One person claiming him as "Jagneswar Sinha from 9th Floor, Bomboo Villa, 168, A. C. Ch. Bose Rd., Cal-14" (Entire premises exclusively used by Income Tax Department) came to my residence at about 2.00 P.M. with false claims that he had come from Income Tax Department, while subsequently it was transpired that he was from M/S. B. M. Bagaria & Co., Solicitors of Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala to create a false affidavit of service to obtain Rule in Contempt Proceeding initiated against me.

18/09/1991           Letter dated 13/09/1991 from B. M. Bagaria & Co., Solicitors, posted only on 18/09/1991 in violation of direction of the Hon'ble Kolkata High Court, in Contempt Proceeding initiated by Sanjay against me, though before posting the said Letter Sanjay obtained Rule nisi by filing false Affidavit of Service on the false claims that I refused to receive service of Notice on 13th September 1991.

21/01/1992           I released Shri Gouri Shankar Gupta, Advocate, frpm my cases considering his Professional Criminal misconducts.

06/04/1992           Letter from Shri George Fernandes, the then M.P., to the then Union Home Minister Shri S. B. Chavan, with reference to my harassment caused by Sanjay.

15/04/1992 I filed application Under Section 340 of Criminal Procedure Code against Sanjay in the Contempt Proceeding, which was recorded as Misc. Case No. 1 of 1992 of Kolkata High Court as he affirmed false affidavit and obtained Rule Nisi by filing false Affidavit of Service. Once my said application was admitted for hearing and order was passed to hear both the matter (Contempt proceedings initiated by Sanjay and my Application U/S 340 Cr. P.C.) analogously, most surprisingly  matter was started to go down of the Cause List and after few days matter was maintained in the list just as the last matter of the days, under arrangement from the Sanjay or his Solicitors Kishan Lal Bagaria. This situation runs till I was not compelled to flea from Kolkata, in compliance of message sent earlier by Shri Kamal Basu, the then Kolkata Mayor, through Shanti Lal Jain counselor. This was a peculiar fact that Suit of Defamation and Contempt proceeding was filed and initiated against me by Sanjay, and subsequently he tried that same Contempt Proceeding should not come up for the hearing, as because he was trapped in his conspiracy by filing entire affidavit based on untruthful materials since he finds no material denials, against my each of charges against him and his crimes which he committed with the support and Nexus with Shri Jyoti Basu and others. This situation runs till I was not compelled to flea from Kolkata, as earlier Shri Kamal Basu, the then Kolkata Mayor, sent message to me through Shanti Lal Jain counselor.   

17/04/1992                 Reply Letter from the then Union Home Minister Shri S. B. Chavan, to Shri George Fernandes,

23-29/05/1992     Title Suit No. 348 of 1987 was dismissed without hearing my application that first it should be decided that whether the Deeds executed by my nominees in favour of the Cooperative Society were without any consideration money or not or whether made under any fiduciary relationship me or Members of Cooperative Society as the same were permissible Under Benami Transactions Act, 1988. This was gross miscarriage of Justice to me.  Out of 23 individuals defendants 12 admitted such fiduciary relationship by filing Written Statements. Out of rest 11 individual defendants 1 Sharwan (amongst group 7 ) filed application for dismissal of the Suit, which was disposed off to support their blackmailing objects.  

03/06/1992           Application to the Chairman, Railway Board, for according Sanction against Railway personnel, responsible for illegal agreement between Railways and Sanjay. I am placing on record with affirmations that Western Side Front Pillars and western side under ground portions of two of his Buildings of the Mony Towers at Binoba Bhave Road were built up at the property of the Railway and liable to be demolished. 

25/06/1992           I tendered unconditional apology, withdrawing my Application for according sanction against Mr. Prabir Mazumdar And Shyamal Kumar Sen, JJ, when I knew about views of Justice Shyamal Sen in open Court against Sanjay when my Application U/S 340 Cr. P. C. was moved within the Contempt proceedings.

19/09/1992           Complaints filed by me against Mr. Gouri Shankar Gupta, Advocate and Kishan Lal Bagaria Solicitors, and another complaint against Mr. Tapash Kumar Sarkar, Advocate were disposed off in illegal manner without any objection or hearing but by Resolution by the Bar Council of West Bengal, to save brethren Advocates.

26/10/1992           Letter to Mr. Jai Chand Lal Sethia, famous gambler of Kolkata and Partner of Shri Chandan Basu, against his threat to me.

30/10/1992           Letter to Chandan Basu, son of Shri Jyoti Basu and others, with copies to Shri Jyoti Basu and others with reference to claim of Jai Chand Lal Sethia that he is partner and working on behalf of Shri Chandan Basu against me.

21/11/1992           Letter to M. R. Choudhury, Advocate (My long time Advocate) against his message suggesting me to compromise with Sanjay, otherwise he will spoil my life.

03/12/1992           Reply Letter from M. R. Choudhury, Advocate with reference to my letter dated 21st December 1992. 

24/12/1992           Reply of Letter dated 30th October 1992 addressed to Shri Chandan Basu as aforesaid from Shri Jyoti Basu, through his confidential Assistant Mr. Jay Krishana Ghosh assuring thereby appropriate actions.

06/01/1993           Letter to Shri Jyoti Basu with reference to contacts between me and Shri S. K. Todi, which were destroyed when Mr. S. K. Todi become middlemen between unscrupulous promoters and Shri Jyoti Basu.

January 1993      After demolition of Babri Masjit, reported agent of Dawood Ibrahim in Kolkata Rashid Miyan, who was also an important CPI(M) Leader, stored large scale explosive materials arrived in several trucks, and kept in a Building at Bahubazar Street, few hundred Meters from the Head Quarters of Kolkata Police. Reportedly said materials were pilled in several wooden Boxes, caught fired and Building was collapsed, killing about 300 peoples as per reports roaming on the day of incidence. However, subsequently when Intelligence Official from Military joined hands in investigations Shri Jyoti Basu started interference in the matter, to save link of his son. In fact said Jai Chand Lal Sethia along with 37 others were arrested after the said incidence, as because reportedly during interrogation Rashid Miyan the main accused of the incidence admitted that Jai Chand Lal Sethia was his partner in some of smuggling business. As I have already referred in my letter dated 26/10/1992 to said Jai Chand Lal Sethia, about his claims that he is Partner of Shri Chandan Basu, with copy to Shri Jyoti Basu, which was replied through his confidential assistance. This way a Chain connections between Dawood Ibrahim+Rashid Miyan+Jai Chand Lal Sethia+ Chandan Basu was appeared. Truth can be established only by a fair and free enquiry and investigation.

05/04/1993           Letter to Dr. Manash Bhunya, M. L. A., with reference to my information that he conveyed his program to raise issue of my harassment in West Bengal Assembly on 22.02.1991, and entered in unholy arrangement which caused attempt to murder of my son by staging a Truck Accident in Police Protection.

05/04/1993           Letter to Shri Duli Chand Surana who claimed himself as agent of Shri Chandan Basu and West Bengal Minister Shri Subhas Chakraborty.

20/04/1993           Detailed Letter to Shri Jyoti Basu, the then Chief Minister of West Bengal with reference to his open misuse of the Powers and abuse of authority to support blackmailing activities caused by Sanjay.

23-30/04/1993     Letter from Mr. Dilip Ghosal, Inspector, Assessment Department, Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

03/06/1993           Letter to Mr. Dilip Ghosal, Inspector, Assessment Department, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, to confirm what that during my visit his office, on the same he confessed that Municipal Holding No. 161/N Binoba Bhave Road, in favour of Chitta was created on 14th November 1986 under instructions from Shri Jyoti Basu.  Copy of the letter was also sent to Shri Jyoti Basu. 

12/06/1993           Letter from Mr. Dilip Ghosal, Inspector, Assessment Department, Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Some Senior Officer dictated letter from Writers Building. Letter was typed and posted from Writers Building Post Office under Registration Receipt No. 2954 dated 14th June 1993. The Writers Building was the Head Quarter of Shri Jyoti Basu, 10 Kilometer away from the Office of Mr. Dilip Ghosal.

14/06/1993           Envelop by which Letter dated 12th June 1993 was posted on 14th June 1993 on behalf of Mr. Dilip Ghosal, Inspector, Assessment Department, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, from Writers Building, Post Office. 

01/07/1993           Letter to Mr. Dilip Ghosal, Inspector, Assessment Department, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, asking some clarification like: why he posted Letter dated 12th June 1993 on 14th June 1983 from Writers Building, or whether he was on duty on 12th or 14th June 1993 at his Office. Can he specify that whose letter was typed at which place? This Letter was never replied. 

08/07/1993           I submitted application to Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, the then President of India, Under Section 19 of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, 197 of the Criminal Procedure Code, to prosecute Shri Jyoti Basu, with copy to Shri Jyoti Basu, himself at his residential address. 

24/07/1993           I negotiated with a Promoter for Joint Venture, who claimed that he do the same on approval from Shri Hashim Abdul Halim, Speaker of West Bengal Legislative Assembly with further claims that Halim is his Partner. When said Promoter and I met with Shri Hashim Abdul Halim, he describing Fatehpurias and Sanjay  as most Powerful and offered to mediate between me and Sanjay through said Fatehpuria.

9-11/08/1993        I received one letter (sent under some arrangement and to demoralise me) dated 9th August 1993 from O.C. Murder Section, Detective Department, Kolkata Police Head Quarter, in which falsely ask to come to his office with relating papers to death of my alive son, as such I sent strong protest Letter dated 11th August 1993 to the Secretary, Home (Police) Department, against further threat for death of my son.

1993                       Thereafter Mr. Manik Chand Sethia, men and agents of Sanjay and front man of Shri Chandan Basu, with the help of the anti-socials including one Umed Kumar Choraria (who is a criminal by nature and also my relation) and under Police protection, demolished Boundary wall at the my property.

01/11/1993           Memo Letter No.406/3/93-AVD.IV from the Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Department of Personnel & Training in response to the said Application to President of India for according sanction to prosecute Shri Jyoti Basu.

06/12/1993           Letter, Money Receipt dated 18.11.1993, and draft of Letter addressed to Governor of West Bengal forwarded by Gopal Subramanium, Senior Advocate.

16/12/1993           As per draft forwarded by Gopal Subramanium, Memorandum was served upon Governor of West Bengal, with copies to The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Chief Secretary to the Government of West Bengal, Director-General and Home Secretary of the Government of West Bengal. After sending said Draft Gopal Subramanium, was met some one from Kolkata and informed about my program to move a Writ Petition, and thereafter played a game plan not to move my Writ Petition. 

31/05/1994           Memo Letter No.11/3/94/PM PII/517988 from the Prime Minister's Office informing thereby that Revenue Secretary is directed for appropriate actions against transactions based on Huge black money used by Sanjay, but no such actions were surfaced till date.

22/06/1994           Letter to Mr. Biman Bose, Member CPI(M) Central Committee informing thereby that my fundamental rights were infringed by "Mafiadom under the umbrella of Shri Jyoti Basu".

24/06/1994           It was reported that during 1990 when Mr. Kedar Nath Fatehpuria, along with Mr. C. K. Jain, Solicitors sitting in the Chamber of Ld. Mr.Bhasker Sen, Bar-at-Law conveyed him that "this man (myself) is not of such kind of person who can be allowed to sit in your chamber". I sent my protest Letters to Kedar Nath Fatehpuria, Mr. C. K. Jain, Solicitors, and Ld. Mr. Bhasker Sen, Bar-at-law, as because thereafter Mr Bhasker Sen refused to move a Writ Petition prepared to file against aforesaid Notification dated 17th February 1990 issued by the Government of West Bengal. Mr. C. K. Jain worked for me in the second order of Revocation as my solicitors.

                        I negotiated with one person for my project under Joint Venture, and we settled all the terms.  Since C. K. jain was also solicitors of the said person, as such we both written our terms  in a paper and both jointly instructed Mr.  C.K. Jain to prepare our Draft for MOU. Since he became agent of Mr. Fatehpuria as such he sabotaged said negotiations as I have referred my full correspondence with Mr. C. K. Jain and said person in the Book.

03/10/1994           Mr. Kedar Nath Fatehpuria used anti-socials to get vacate a large property namely called as Alexandra Buildings, situated at Jawahar Lal Nehru Road, Kolkata, a prime property, hurling Bombs upon the residents. Even after repeated calls Police from Bhawanipore Police Station not turned up. One resident, conveyed the terrible situation to Mr. Arun Bhagat, the then Director of Central Bureau of Investigation. Mr. Arun Bhagat telephoned Mr. Manish Gupta, the then Home Secretary about the same. Thereafter under his instructions the Lal Bazar H. Q. of Kolkata Police arrested Mr. Fatehpuria, but in the midnight W. B. Minister Matish Ray personally come to Bhawanipore Police Station and arranged his Bail from a Criminal Case registered under Non-Bail-able sections. Subsequently Officer-in-Charge of the Police Station was made scapegoat for illegal release of Mr. Fatehpuria. The story was stated by the person, who himself telephoned to Mr. Arun Bhagat, and he also informed that subsequently Mr. Manish Gupta was working for settlement between Mr. Fatehpuria and the residents. In considerations of such information I sent my protest letter to Mr. Manish Gupta the then Home secretary.  

15/11/1994           News with heading "BASU ACCUSED OF MISAPPROPRIATION", in English Daily from Kolkata namely Amrita Bazaar Patrika was published. On the very next day respective Special Correspondent was released from Service under duress from Shri Jyoti Basu.

21/01/1995           First Information Report to Officer-in-Charge, Golabari Police Station, against goods of Rs.67,960/- stolen by one anti-social Pawan Kumar Jaiswal from my Flat at 9th Floor, at 45, Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad Road, Howrah-711001, who were acted as agent of Mafiadom.

21/01/1995                Letter to the then Union Home Secretary Shri K. Padmanabhaiyya, against threats to my                                       lives and liberties.

24/01/1995                     Letter to Mr. Manish Gupta, the then Home Secretary of West Bengal.

03/03/1995           I forwarded Model of a New Civil Procedure Code, which I invented in 1983 to A. M. Ahmadi, CJ, as the then His Lordship was by Regd. Post.

27/03/1995           Letter from Shri S. P. Boral, Jt. Secretary to the Government of West Bengal to the District Magistrate, Howrah, as Mafia Leader arranged my dispossession with the help of local criminals, from a small flat of one Room, at 9th Floor, 45, Moulana Abdul kalam Azad Road, Howrah-711001, which he purchased under agreement. In spite of direction from Union Home Secretary Police took no action.

06/04/1995           Letter No. MP/AJ/1120/95 from Shri Rasha Singh Rawat, M. P., to Shri P.V. Narsimha Rao, the then Prime Minister. 

08/04/1995                 Letter to District Magistrate Howrah against Criminal activities conducted against me.

17/04/1995           Letter to Gopal Subramanium. Similar Letter was posted about 100 Senior Lawyers of Supreme Court.

19/04/1995           Letter to Shri Har Kishan Singh Surjeet, General Secretary, of Communist Party of India (Marxist) against misrule of Shri Jyoti Basu in favour of Mafiadom.

08/05/1995           Reply Letter from Gopal Subramanium, questioning thereby my genuinity while earlier he prepared Draft of Letter to be sent to the Governor of West Bengal with reference to Nexus between Sanjay and Jyoti Basu. But, subsequently he under influence or otherwise declined to get prepared and move the Writ Petition on my behalf.

15-21/05/1995 Some time in April 1995 Ms. Mamta Banerjee, M. P. given my matter to Special Correspondent of the Bengali Daily Newspaper Baratman Mr. Jayanto Ghosal. Said Reporter sat 4 days with me to study the entire matter and after preparation of News sent to his Newspaper at Kolkata to publish the story. But when I was expecting the News relates to my matter, interviews of Mr. Vijay Fatehpuria was published. Said Special Correspondent informed me that his Newspaper conveyed him not to deal with the matter any further. However, he got published the matter in Bengali weekly Coalfield Times with reference to atrocities suffered by me and my family members. This was peculiar experience from a Newspaper, which using it a slogan of the Newspaper that it not fears anyone except GOD. 

17/05/1995                 Strong Protest Letter to Gopal Subramanium.

23/05/1995           Letter from Gopal Subramanium, admitting thereby "As far as the merit your matter is concerned I am prima facie satisfied that there is a cause of action at least to file a Writ Petition under Article 32 of the Constitution of India for appropriate reliefs". Instead of admitting his mistake by questioning my  moral standard he ask me to tender apology for no fault.

09/08/1995           I filed Writ Petition (Civil) No.559/95 based on Vohra Committee Report, with prayers to direct Election Commission to ask for disclosure of certain Information by the candidates for Parliament or Legislatures.

29/08/1995                 Writ Petition (Civil) No.559/95 was dismissed. 

02-03/11/1995     The Statesman published a story in its two issues under heading "CMC gifts 50 cottas to promoter", and "Promoter pays politicians, Govt. staff to get project going" with reference to Sanjay.

01/12/1995           When it was came o my notice that another but subsequent Writ Petition filed by one Politician and moved by Ram Jethmalani on the same issue based on Vohra Committee was admitted, I filed another Writ Petition (Civil) No. D-18372/95 with object to restore my earlier Civil Writ Petition No. 559/95.

04/12/1995           Letter of learned Mr. Rajiv Dhawan Senior Lawyer, who conveyed "Many thanks for your letter, which combines juristic concern with the intensity of one having suffered personal atrocity".

06/12/1995                 I filed Public Interest Litigation being Writ Petition (Criminal) No.3/96.

19/01/1996           As per observations forwarded by Hon'ble Mr. Justice G. N. Ray, as he then was I withdrawn Writ Petition (Criminal) No.3/96 to file a fresh Writ Petition.

29/01/1996                 Writ Petition (Civil) No. D-18372/95 was disposed off, under miscarriage of Justice.

07/02/1996           I filed a Public Interest Litigation being Writ Petition (Civil) No. 151/96, in which I submitted Model of new Civil Procedure Code along with other suggestions.

 11/03/1996                 Writ Petition (Civil) D-2595/96 was dismissed.

20/03/1996           I filed a Petition before the Election Commission of India suggesting a Model of Affidavit to be filed by each candidate for Parliament of State Legislative Assemblies. After receipt of this Petition and using the Format of Affidavit suggested by me, under paragraph 9 of the Petition Election Commission of India issued a Notification in August 1996. But, ignoring the facts on record, Election Commissioner Mr. Krishna Murthy claimed that he innovated such affidavit. When I sent him my protest Letter against such false claims he not replied.

29/03/1996           Writ Petition (Civil) No. 151/96 was disposed off, transferring it before Hon'ble Chief Justice of India Administrative Side. During hearing of the matter, I was suggested by Justice Ahmadi, CJI, to forward my Model of Civil Procedure Code to Law Commission of India referring his name.  I complied. Subsequently I heard that Justice Ahmadi (the then CJI) appointed a Committee headed by Mr. Abhishek Singhvi, Sr. Lawyer, to recommend changes in Civil Procedure Code, without reference of my said Writ Petition. 

15/05/1996                 I filed Writ Petition (Civil) Nos. D-8304/96 and D-8305/96.

21/05/1996                 I filed Writ Petition (Criminal) No. 8495/96.

06/06/1996           I sent a letter to Law Commission of India, by Regd. Post as per observations made by Mr. A. M. Ahmadi, CJ, of India as he then was and forwarded the New Model of Civil Procedure Code innovated by me.

05/08/1996                 Writ Petition (Civil) No. D-8304/96 was dismissed, under biasness.

05/08/1996                 Writ Petition (Criminal) No. 8495/96 was dismissed under biasness.

05/08/1996                 Writ Petition (Civil) No. D-8305/96 was withdrawn.

09/08/1996           Indian Express published lead News under heading "I can't break politics-crime-nexus, says Indrajit". Shri Indrajit was the then Union Home Minister.

17/10/1996           Letter to Shri Har Kishan Singh Surjeet and other CPI(M) Leaders to persuade to Shri Jyoti Basu to hand over the matter relates to his Nexus with Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala to CBI for enquiry.

21/10/1996                 I sent a letter to Mr. Bhure Lal, the then secretary CVC.

06/11/1996                 I received Letter No. Secy/Com/96 on behalf of Shri Bhure Lal, Secretary, CVC calling me.

16/12/1996           I met with Shri Bhure Lal, the then Secretary, CVC, and after going through more than 50 documents Mr. Bhure Lal called his one of the sub-ordinate Mr. Vishwapavan Pati, and dictated order for appropriate action in the respective matter. But, thereafter no action was taken for the reasons best known to Commission.

20/02/1997           One Mr. Samar Nag Managing Director of M/S. Shelter Properties Developers P.Ltd. of BA-2, Sector-I, Salt Lake City, Kolkata published Advertisement in such a way as if was published by an Advocate by starting as "My clients" but name of Advocate was missing from the entire advertisement. The Name of alleged seller of the property was referred as Chittaranjan Ganguly. The detail of the properties referred was actually belonged to me. At the last of the advertisement one Telephone number was referred for contact, which was contact number of Mr. Manik Chand Sethia. After enquiry it was reported that said Company is Benami Company belongs to Mr. Chandan Basu, son of Shri Jyoti Basu. Under influence from Shri Jyoti Basu, Company  though then having its authorised capital just of Rs. 50 Lacs, gets Loans of Rs. 50 Lacs from Life Insurance Corporation and Rs.300 Lacs (Rs.3 Crores) from Pearless Abasan Finance Ltd., in severe violations of Reserve Bank Guidelines.

03/03/1997           Once again I requested for security. The Home Ministry forwarded this Letter to Delhi Police, which conducted the enquiry, but security was not provided.

27/08/1999-27/11/1999 My Office at 24, Vinoba Bhave Road was demolished and ransacked by one anti-social Chandan Bose alias Baman Bose who was agent of said Manik Chand Sethia and stolen goods, Books and Papers lying in more than Ten Boxes and one Almirah. I lodged First Information Report, by Registered post to Officer-in-charge, Behala Police Station but Police took no action.

17/02/2001           Manik Chand Sethia: a Member of Mafiadom controlled by Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala and front man of Shri Chandan Basu informed one Shri Mina Lal Bhansali, that he had spent about Rs.8,00,000/- to get my property, including he paid Rs.5,00,000.00 Chitta.  I have reported earlier from my own sources that Manik Chand Sethia paid Rs.3,00,000.00 for my killing, out of my information the payment of amount was corroborated with aforesaid admission by Manik Chand Sethia during his discussions with Mina Lal Bhansali.

22/10/2002           Writ Petition (Civil) was filed vide filing Diary No. 17454/2002 but was refused to received to its Registration as a Writ Petition Under Order XVIII Rule 5 of Supreme Court Rules, 1966 (inserted in 1997).

09/09/2003           Letter to Hon'ble President of India Dr. A. P. J. Kalam, and Hon'ble Chief Justice of India Mr. Visheshwar Nath Khare, which was forwarded by President’s Secretariat to Law Ministry.